Fries If you are a parent, have you ever taken your child to McDonalds, bought them a meal, and then suddenly felt a little hungry yourself? You reach over and ask for a few of their fries and they respond by quickly pulling their fries away from you and saying “No!”


How do you feel in that moment?

I start to think … “Do you know where those fries came from? I paid for those fries!”


Then I think … “I don’t need your fries anyway. I’ve got enough money to buy all the fries I want!!”


And … “I can make sure you never have any fries again as long as you live under my roof!!”


Now I THINK those things … I don’t SAY them!


I wonder if that’s how God feels sometimes when we’re a little on the stingy side and we don’t adopt a generous attitude towards life and our possessions?


After all, he’s the 'fry-maker'! Everything we have comes from him … and he can stop stuff coming … or he can keep it coming. Don't be tight-fisted. Why not choose to be a little more generous today.


Generosity … think about it!

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