Half_timeBob Buford is the author of the best-selling book Half Time: Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance. He is also the founder of the Half Time ministry, and of Leadership Network, an organisation dedicated to innovation in leadership.

The basic concept of his book is that in the first half of our life we focus on 'success'. However, in the second half we need to shift our focus to 'significance'. The key to making this transition effectively is to have a good 'half time' where we reflect on our life and our most important contributions.

This is an excellent book, especially for anyone in their early 40s or older. We live in a world that encourages early retirement. Yet even at 55 years of age, given your health, you potentially have a good 25-30 years left of significant contribution. Don't think about 'retiring'. Think about 're-firing' and making your second half of life your best half of life.

Here are a few extra thoughts from Bob's writings (which also include Game Plan and Stuck in Half Time):

  • Be who God has called you to be. Aim for significance not just success.
  • What do you dream of doing? What contribution will you make? What is the theme of God’s story in you? It will be BIG!
  • Take a 'half-time', not just a short 'time out'. Disengage from busyness and routine. Take regular one-day 'retreats'. Eliminate whatever you can. Clear your plate.
  • Start thinking about second half goals. Keep thinking ahead and moving forward.
  • We all can benefit from regular reflection time (silence).
  • Personal goal-setting can be very helpful, as can a personal strategic plan.
  • You need a strategy or 'game plan'. A personal mission statement. Focus in a few things and do them well. Create time for your agenda. Eliminate whatever you can. Clear your plate. Remove 'distractions'.
  • Have a passion for learning and growing in areas related to your mission.
  • No matter what your age, your best years are yet to come. Don’t fear getting 'old'. You still have many good productive years left.
  • Aim to give more and more away to others (community and church).

Where are you in the game of life – the first half, the second half, or half time?

5 thoughts on “Half Time [Book Review]

  1. Hi Mark, read this one and agree it’s a good one! Just hit the big 4 a few months back. A thought I took out of the book was that soccer matches (& the like) can be won in the second half despite what went on in the first. A fresh plan can change things.

  2. I heard this book from friends, and i decided to read English version immediately by reading your book review. Respect, thank you!
    The great book will help a lot of confused people especially those in China, whom are in the 2nd half as i am, where should we go in the 2nd half life? which is a big challenge and there’s no perfect answer.

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