Peter_daniels_2Peter Daniels has quite an amazing ‘rags to riches’ story. You can read about it in various resources available on his web site. His story has been an inspiration to many thousands of people.

Throughout Peter’s life journey he learned many lessons for doing well in life, including the principle of effective goal-setting.

Peter’s book How to Reach Your Life Goals presents a heap of ideas and inspirational concepts on this topic.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Examine your desires and motives. These are the driving forces within you. What do you want? Why do you want it? The second question is the key one as it reveals your purpose. Without a noble purpose, you will not have the dedication to follow through on your goal commitment.
  • The will is the integrity of the soul. Build willpower by making and keeping small commitments with yourself. Build your personal integrity.
  • Replay past events in your mind and seek to benefit or learn from them. Document things that have helped you and things to avoid in the future. Especially learn from your failures. Document your lessons into life principles, to prevent recurrence.
  • Expand your education in line with where you are going.
  • Don’t be afraid of exposure to failure. It is the key to success.
  • Achievement of your goals will require pressing through the pain barrier.
  • Goals are the solidification of dreams, ideals, and ideas in practical form, for practical implementation for practical completion.
  • Get your goals in written form or you will continue to play mind games. Writing them down prevents them from escaping your grasp as fleeting, wasted moments.
  • Dreams are illusive and grand, and away from the restraints of the pragmatic. They provide the seeds of inspiration that keep our hope-machine in working order.
  • As we get older, we tend to put the brakes on our dream machine until our dreaming stops. Don’t be too busy to dream. Spend time imagining and dreaming so that you constantly come up with new ideas. Get busy dreaming. Dreaming doesn’t waste time; it saves time. It could be the most profitable time of your week. Slow down and dream. Dreaming awakens life and the adventurous spirit.
  • There is no reason for God to give you the capacity to imagine and dream positively and creatively without Him expecting you to realise the dream and complete the task. We have great power to dream and to choose which dream we will follow.
  • Do not waste your life on small dreams. Taking life seriously glorifies God. Life is worth our best effort.
  • To procrastinate is to stagnate. The moment you make a decision, you are on the way to achieving your life goals.
  • Imagine yourself and your world 10 years older. Then imagine your achievements in the past 10 years (where you went, what you did, and how you overcame difficulties). Finally, set some goals for your next 10 years based on what you’ve imagined.
  • Like a moon rocket that uses most of its fuel at the commencement, and then requires less energy after it passes the earth’s gravitational pull, you will find that getting launched is the hardest part.
  • The absence of a goal is one of the most destructive forces facing some people. Motivation and energy come from committing yourself to a worthwhile goal. Lack of deadlines and the absence of pressure to meet a timetable lead to a drifting feeling. Life needs pressure.
  • Motivation is only sustained by an individual who has written life goals with deadlines and measurements. Motivation actually produces greater energy levels.
  • Turn your goals into a strategy – it creates energy, saves energy, and gives direction.
  • Attention to life goals requires diligence and perseverance. Concentration can easily be fragmented. Read your life goals every morning and confirm your major goals every week. Write a letter to yourself every week explaining where you are in relation to your goals. Spend one hour per week going over your goals program, measuring performance and planning your next move.

Have you set any goals lately?

One thought on “How to Reach Your Life Goals [Book Review]

  1. Hi Mark,
    Yes, a great book indeed.
    Peter was an advocate of the merits of gold and silver back in the WCF days.
    He forsaw the challenging financial times we are travelling through and the strong biblical basis for “sound money.”
    Thanks for your blog. It is so relevant and topical.
    Simon Allars

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