Employee Here is the fourth tip …

ACCEPT feedback



·         Be open and teachable. Avoid any attitudes of pride and arrogance.

One of the characteristics of wise people is their openness to feedback and instruction. One of the characteristics of fools is their lack of openness to feedback and their arrogant belief that they’re ‘okay’ (see Prov.9:7-9; 10:8, 17; 15:31-32; 29:1).


Never stop being open to instruction and feedback. Open your ears and listen! Be open to correction. Listen to and take on board the feedback of others. Ignore it and you’re headed into deception. Be open to feedback, even criticism. Always maintain a teachable posture. If you don’t, you’re headed for failure.


Pride refuses to look in the mirror – other than to admire oneself! Arrogance assumes that we are right and others are wrong (or at least misinformed).


·         Seek to understand your own ‘blind-spots’.

All of us have things about ourselves that we are unaware of or don’t see. Only by being open to feedback from others can we learn about these areas and make positive changes.


·         Work on your weaknesses and seek to deal with any personal issues. 

Every one of us has weaknesses. Usually other people see them before we do! The sooner we find out about them, admit them and begin to work on them, the better.

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