Employee Here is the fifth and final point …

MAKE a difference in someone’s life

It’s great to ‘Do your Job with Excellence’, to ‘Relate to People Well’, to ‘Enjoy your Work’ and to ‘Accept Feedback”. That’s a good foundation for being a DREAM employee. But you need to go beyond that. Ultimately, what we’re all looking for is to make a tangible difference in the lives of other people. No doubt, we can do that by doing these other four things well but there are a few other ingredients that are important.


·         Ask God to use you to positively impact the lives of other people. 

God’s hand on our lives and God’s heart beating through our lives enables us to make a spiritual impact that is deep and lasting. Pray for that something ‘extra’ in your life. Like David, may the Lord be ‘with you’ (more than character and skill).


See every moment of every day and every interaction with people as an opportunity to do something positive. Does that mean that we can please people all of the time – no, of course not. But we can always treat people with love, consideration (understanding) and respect.


·         Think about what you want to be remembered for then live each day with that in mind. 

Will you be remembered? I’ve forgotten many of the people and leaders I have met and encountered – can’t remember their names at all – and so have you. A few stood out and had a lasting impact on my life.


What will you be remembered for? We can also think of people that we recall to mind with much fondness because of the difference they made in our lives. 

·         Be an encourager who lifts people up. 

There are a lot of important things you are called to do. As you go about your tasks, remember that encouragement is like “oxygen for the soul.” We need lots of it to live. That doesn’t mean we can always please people or always say “Yes”, but we can treat people with respect and kindness.


·         Believe in people and their potential to live a life of significance. 

Most people don’t see their potential. They tend to see their faults and their limitations. We tend to see people’s past and their present. God sees our present and our future. He speaks into our future calling us to places where we haven’t yet been.


·         Seek to leave a legacy. 

A legacy is something we pass on to others, like an inheritance. May your life leave a significant deposit in the lives of others that lasts long after you are gone!


Yes, you can be a DREAM employee! IN doing so, you will bring great joy to God’s heart, you will be a blessing to your employer and you will make a positive impact on the lives of many people for years to come.

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  1. I enjoyed listening to you at the conference in Portland. Your on line sermon notes on dealing with rejection have been of inestimable value to me. Thanks.

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