How to Avoid Burnout (Front Cover) copyThis year I set a goal of writing three new books. Early in the year, I released Money Talks: Practical Principles for Becoming Financially Free which has already helped a lot of people.

I am excited to announce the recent release of How to Avoid Burnout: Five Habits of Healthy Living.

In a world of rapid change, growing complexity and increasing pressure, stress and burnout are becoming far too common. In this practical book, I share five habits for healthy living, gleaned from my decades of experience as an organizational leader and Christian minister.

The book is available in a number of formats and through a variety of sources:

  • In paperback here in Australia from WORD books.
  • In eBook format via Amazon here in Australia, the USA, or one of their other regions across the globe (UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and China).
  • In international paperback format from Amazon from a number of regions (including the USA and the UK).

I hope that this book is of help to many people.

Here are some endorsements: 

“This book is both timely and important. My 14 years of mentoring a wide range of Christian leaders has convinced me that emotional depletion is widespread and at almost epidemic proportions. If anyone is qualified to write this book it is Mark Conner. He is a long-term outstandingly gifted leader with a huge emotional tank who has been very honest about his own journey. The book is well researched and written with very practical guidelines and a rich set of biblical and other references.”

Keith Farmer, B.Comm., B.A. (Hons), D.Min.
Former Principal of Australian College of Ministries

“A great reminder, practical blueprint, and words of life and wisdom for growing healthy leaders.”

Kevin Grove, Executive Pastor, Gateway Church

“Burnout wreaks havoc to self, family, leadership team, ministry and congregation. These can happen way before the pastor becomes aware of the source of the domino effect. Mark Conner is a pastor to pastors when it comes to this topic and Churches of Christ Victoria and Tasmania is greatly appreciative of his gentle, sincere and firm appeal to leaders to stay healthy.”

Philip Kua
Team Leader for Churches of Christ, Victoria & Tasmania

“Mark Conner is one of those rare authentic Christian leaders who admits to one of the dark sides of ministry from personal experience, recovers and tells his story of learnings. In an increasingly complex ministry environment this exceptional book has the potential to ‘stop the rot’ of burnout for the reader who is serious about finishing the race.”

Phillip Mutzelburg
President Emeritus of the Act 2 Alliance

Founding Chair of the Willow Creek Association Australia

“This is a wonderful little ‘easy read’ book by my friend Mark Conner. We both had the same mentor – Fuller Seminary’s Arch Hart. I wish this sort of special wisdom was available when I had a ‘burnout’ experience!”

Rowland Croucher
John Mark Ministries, Australia.

“If experience is the best teacher then Mark Conner’s life and ministry speaks volumes in this book. Offering helpful insights and wise counsel, the tips when implemented will save a person in ministry or in the marketplace from the heartaches of burnout. A book that is much needed in today’s fast-paced life and high-expectation society!”

Dr Daniel Ho
Founding Senior Pastor
Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC), Malaysia

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