Steve_irwinMany studies have been done about what some of the factors are of those that perform well in the arenas of business, music and sport.  What they discovered was that it’s not so much your intelligence, your gifts, your talents, your appearance, or your background. It comes down to your attitude – how you think – and your passion – how you feel.

Passion is like a fire on the inside that affects everything on the outside. In contrast apathy is a-pathos, no passion. Just kind of living life but going through the motions.

A great example of passion is the late Steve Irwin. Steve probably wasn’t the most educated Australian. He definitely wasn’t a model of occupational health and safety. But one thing about Steve is that he was passionate about crocodiles. I have always thought: imagine if everyone was as passionate about life as Steve was about crocodiles. I urge you today to live your life with passion.

Passion … Think about it.

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