Images-12 Imagine a group of people seated in a circle with a small table in the middle. Let’s now put an object on the table – a vase.

Here are three very important observations: 

First of all, no one sees the vase exactly the same. In fact, everyone sees it differently and has a unique perspective – based on where they are sitting.

Secondly, no one sees the vase accurately. There are parts of the vase that each person cannot see. Some portions are hidden and out of view.

Finally, the only way to form an accurate picture of the vase is to listen to everyone’s perspective.

This is a metaphor for life. Replace the vase with anything else – a discussion, a debate, a conflict, or a decision that needs to be made.

Don’t allow pride and arrogance to cause you to think that you have all the knowledge that you need and that there is nothing for you to learn. Listen to others and allow their perspective and opinions to enrich your own. By doing so, you will gain wisdom and insight.

Perspective … think about it.

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