Puzzle Problems – no one likes them but the truth is that everyone has them. I use to think that the aim in life was to have no problems at all … but then I discovered that as soon as I solved one set of problems, some new ones would arrive on my doorstep. After a while I came to accept that problems are part of life. The crucial thing is not avoid them or to ignore them but to face them head on – with courage and wisdom.

Often when problems arise we tend to immediately focus on why they have happened or who caused them. These are important issues but they can easily get us caught up in the blame game or a victim mentality. A better way is to get on the solution side by saying, “Okay, we have this problem – what are we going to do about it? Focus your primary energy on solving the problem – for everyone’s benefit.

The issue in life is not whether you have problems or not but what you are doing about them. Problems can destroy us if we let them or they can be stepping stones to help us become stronger and better people.

Problems – think about it.

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