Refuel Let’s look at another way to refuel …

4. Plan Regular Time for Rest and Recreation. God didn’t design us to work constantly without rest. God worked for six days and then rested on the seventh. Not because he was tired or because he needed time off, but because rest (not working) is good. The Sabbath was established in Old Testament times for rest and relaxation from the busyness of the week’s work. Although, we don’t keep a literal Sabbath Day under the New Covenant, the principle of taking regular time for rest and recreation is still as true today as it was back then. God blessed both work and rest. Good quality rest can restore your good mood as well as your capacity to function. God made us spirit, soul and body. We often neglect our soul and our body thinking that these areas of life are not ‘spiritual’ or important. The truth is that we need a holistic view of life. God is interested in our spirit, soul AND body (1 Thess.5:23).

Jesus also, in all his busyness of ministry, took time aside to rest and to sleep when he was tired. Jesus, though completely God, was fully human. He experienced our physical limitations and he had to look after his physical body. This meant proper exercise, healthy eating and adequate sleep. A balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate rest give you energy, improve your health and extend you’re the length of your life. They help you to refuel.

Jesus also set limits and arranged for times of rest (Mark 6:31). In the same way, we need to learn to relax (“let go”) and rest without feeling guilty. Relaxation is a wonderful “stress buster”. It reduces stress. Relax hourly, daily and weekly. Force yourself into inactivity. Be quiet, get comfortable, relax your muscles and focus your attention. Like a rubber band, we are designed to be stretched but if we never have times of relaxation we will begin to crack. Regular times of rest and recreation are great ways to refuel!

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  1. Mark 6:31 blew me away! I was so focused on thinking that the section is about the feeding of the five thousand that I never really saw that verse.
    Great revelation Pastor Mark!

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