The apostle John boldly declares that, “God is love.” He doesn’t say that God is loving, although that is true OR that one of God’s activities is love, although that is true too. He says that God IS love – it is the very core of his being and nature.

The Christian God is revealed as one God existing as three persons – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – a Trinity.

Think about it … If there is NO God, then we are here by blind chance, merely a result of natural selection and love is nothing more than a chemical reaction in our brain.

If God exists but is only ONE, then he cannot be love because love can only exist in a relationship.

But if God exists as a community of persons knowing and loving one another, then the ultimate reality in the universe is love relationships – three persons in a dynamic, pulsating activity, a life that could be described as a dance.

The Trinity is not just a nice theological concept. I believe it is a model or prototype for human relationships.   

The Trinity … think about it. 

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