The GREAT LEAP for Pastors

I am really excited to be part of a special 2 day event coming up in Melbourne, Australia on 30-31st October 2018 (no longer 5-6th June) for pastors. It is called The GREAT LEAP.

This 28-hour intensive for pastors is a fast-track program to help church leaders gain greater clarity of how they want to spend the second half of their life and make it count. Designed to inspire and challenge high-capacity pastors and ministry leaders, this program will help you pause, reflect and take control of your life.

Our aim is to provide a life-changing, world class experience (using the Halftime process) to assist church leaders to pause so they can gain greater clarity around their God-given calling, resulting in a fresh game plan for the second half of their life and ministry.

Check out the pastor’s halftime web site for more details, including a Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you are interested, sign up soon as numbers are limited.

Mark Conner

“I invite you to join us on this life-changing and unique, highly interactive world class intensive that has proven results and lasting impact. Previously only accessible by traveling to Dallas, Texas, it’s available right here in Melbourne, Australia.”

John Sikkema (Board Chairman, Halftime Australia)

2018 … Off and Away!

It’s hard to believe we are already into February! The new year is well underway. I am loving life and really enjoying this new season. Nicole and I continue to base in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland with regular visits to Melbourne to visit our family and friends.

This year, I am giving my time to a variety of pursuits including speaking, coaching pastors and church leaders, and some work with Halftime Australia. I’ve also been updating my dad’s web site (Kevin Conner), including uploading a number of his books in eBook format on Amazon, and my wife’s web site too (Nicole Conner).

There has been a lot of change for me and my family since this time last year but we are so glad that we made the choices we did – to begin a new chapter and launch out into the unknown.

I hope that year is off to a good start for you too.

All the best.

[A special thanks to Tim Harris from for the new web front page photo]

What’s New?

As this web site continues it’s renovation, here are a few things that are new – all accessible via the Main MENU on the front page:

      1. Mark’s Schedule, outlining the places and events that he is speaking at.
      2. Various Services that Mark is now making available – including coaching, consulting and speaking.
      3. A link to Mark’s Resources including his BLOG, the Books he has written, and links to various messages available on video, as well as some worship music (audio and video).
      4. A Contact Form for anyone wanting to make enquiries.

More changes are coming.

Until then, enjoy!

Web Site Refresh

This website is currently being refreshed with a new design and new content.

It will become a web site dedicated to Mark Conner and his work while a brand new web site for Nicole is being designed at the same time.

Stay tuned.

Update from Mark Conner

It is hard to believe that it has been 6 months today since I finished up as Senior Minister of CityLife Church. The month of February this year was such as special time as we celebrated the 50th anniversary of CityLife, had my farewell, and inducted Andrew Hill as the next Senior Minister. These important events all went so well and we look back with gratitude for that. We are particularly thankful for the many thank you notes and video messages from people both inside and outside of CityLife, as well as the generous gifts from the church.

These last few months of ‘sabbatical’ have been a time of rest, relaxation, refuelling and recalibration for us. We really love living in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, where we relocated to, although we obviously miss our family and friends in Melbourne. No doubt, as hard as it has been, moving away was a good way to establish a clear transition from a long season at ministry at CityLife to our next season of life and ministry, as well as give the new Senior Minister the space that he needs to establish his own leadership.

Over the next few months I will begin to re-engage in a variety of ministry opportunities that are coming my way, including speaking at various churches and pastor’s conferences, coaching some pastors and church leaders, and doing some consulting work. I’m really excited about this next season.

Thanks for your support and prayers during my recent transition time. I really appreciate it.

All the best.


Books by Mark Conner

Version 2Prison Break – Finding Personal Freedom by Mark Conner

Living in our broken world creates the possibility of becoming trapped by various negative emotions and habits that can easily become like a prison around us. In this helpful book, Mark Conner shares practical principles for finding freedom from common problems such as anger, fear, worry, rejection, depression, bad habits, and addictions. With God’s help you can make a prison break – beginning today.

Pass the Baton (2nd Edition) by Mark Conner

Pass-The-Baton CoverThere is no success without a successor and Christianity is always one generation away from extinction. These two sobering facts highlight the urgent need for successful leadership transition in today’s churches and ministries. CityLife Church (formerly Waverley Christian Fellowship) in Melbourne, Australia is a church that has successfully navigated three leadership transitions in it’s 50 year history.

Cover Pic (small)Transforming Your Church (2nd Edition) by Mark Conner

In this book, Mark Conner presents Seven Strategic Shifts that the church needs to make in order to be effective in the twenty-first century. There is an incredible urgency in the hour in which we live. These vital shifts will help you to keep in step with what the Holy Spirit is doing. You can make a significant contribution to ensure that the church of Jesus Christ emerges to impact communities, cities and nations for the kingdom of God.

Successful Christian Ministry by Dr. Mark A. Conner

What are the keys to building a high impact long lasting ministry? In this book, Mark Conner shares seven principles for building a successful Christian ministry with practical advice that will empower you to reach your God given potential and make a positive difference in the lives of others.