Hi there. how are you?

Today sees the release of the first episode of my new weekly video – Soul Food.

It’s new. It’s different.

SO what is Soul Food

  • It’s not a lengthy podcast – there’s heaps of them you can subscribe to. 
  • It’s not a in-depth lecture – you can find them about any topic you want nowadays.
  • It’s not another sermon – there’s plenty of those you can listen to every Sunday. 

Soul Food is a brief talk about something that will help your soul – your inner world (what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling and what you’re dreaming about). Of course, what’s happening inside of us affects everything in our outer world. After all, life is lived inside out. 

And Soul Food is for everyone. I was a church minister for many years, so from time to time I’ll be quoting some wisdom from the Bible or talking about the life of Jesus – because that’s my background. But Soul Food is not just for Christians or even for religious people. It’s for humans – because we have so much in common … despite our different backgrounds, cultures and traditions.

Soul Food will be coming to you every Wednesday – right in the middle of the week – and it’s only a few minutes long – less time than it takes to eat your breakfast. 

I’m really excited about Soul Food … and I think you’ll enjoy it too.

Series 1 of Soul Food with Mark Conner is on the topic of Self Care (13 episodes).

Series 2 of Soul Food with Mark Conner is on the topic of Life Think (13 episodes).

Series 3 of Soul Food with Mark Conner is on the topic of Reboot (4 episodes).

Series 4 of Soul Food with Mark Conner is on the topic of Relational Intelligence (16 episodes).

Series 5 of Soul Food with Mark Conner is on the topic of The Stories We Tell Ourselves with special guest Nicole Conner (6 episodes).

To access transcripts of ALL episodes, visit the Soul Food category page.

Soul Food with Mark Conner weekly videos can be viewed on the Soul Food with Mark Conner YouTube channel, Instagram TV, or Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Soul Food with Mark Conner

  1. Hi Mark,

    What a way to reach out especially now when people are relying so heavily on internet and busy with life events. Catering into this era. Keep up the good work.
    Cheering you on from a distance.

    God bless,


    1. Thanks Mark. Really appreciate the encouragement. I’m quite excited about these 3-4 minute videos and hope they’ll help lots of people. Hope you’re well. Stay safe

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